Nov 03, 2011

Smart, Witty & Magical!

Editor Andrea Fellman from Savvy Sassy came to see the show. Here's her review.

"So…what did I think about Ivan? I thought he was fantastic. He was charming, smart, witty and magical!  Oh and he’s cute too, but married ladies so settle down.

Walking into the show I was excited and felt a sense sophistication, I mean it was at the Beverly Wilshire which is where they filmed Pretty Woman after all. They call it Intimate Illusions because it is just that, with seating for only 65 guests and in a swanky salon type atmosphere with candles and no children under the age of 12 – yay!

Ivan was so energetic and entertaining through out the entire night and he really not only has some amazing magic illusions, but he kept the mood light and fun.  My name was even apart of one of the illusions, and it has to do with scrabble letters, but you’ll have to go see the show for yourself!

If you are in desperate need of a date night that does not include pajamas and another movie rental than put on something fancy and go see this show. It truly is Spectacular! or as Ashton Kutcher says, “Awesome!”