May 01, 2011

The Five Secrets to Learning Magic

Do you want to get started in Magic? But if it is a secret, underground profession, how does one actually seek out the techniques, secrets and information needed to actually perform for a living?

Here is a guide to show you exactly how to do it:

  1. Go your local magic store. In this day and age, there may not be very many brick and mortar shops left, but if you can find one, it's a great place to start. You will meet other fledging magicians and you will instantly begin the learning process you need.
  2. On the internet. Yes there are tons of magic stores all over the internet, where you can purchase tricks, see videos and even learn through video tutorials. Person to person interaction is more important to attain, so use the internet as a tool and do not allow it to replace your education completely.
  3. Find a mentor. Can you seek out someone who is willing to mentor you in your study? You would be surprised to find that may successful magicians of today were mentored themselves. Do some digging and some emailing and you just might find someone willing to teach you what they know.
  4. Join a local magic club. This is a huge step toward learning and performing magic. These clubs are typically small groups (30-50) members and gather once a month. There you can learn magic, discuss ideas, try out new tricks and learn from other professionals that are typically hired to come in and lecture for the group.
  5. Buy simple effects. Do not try your hand at advanced calculus before you have learned to add and subtract first. Purchase easy-to-do-effects and master them. Graduate from these and move slowly up the scale of difficulty. Do not confuse an effect being very difficult to perform and master with it being a GREAT illusion. That could not be further from the truth. Go at your own pace, for your own goals and you'll master each effect in the right time.

Overall, magic and being a professional magician is actually an "easy-entry" art form. Most of you can do certain effects within minutes after purchase. Do not let this fool you into believing that this is applied to the art form universally. Respect the art and its members. Respect your audience and they will return the kindness. Grow your knowledge slowly and at a steady pace. It will reward you in ways you never imagined.