Nov 16, 2011

The Illusions in the Show

Lots of guests who want to see the show often email us and ask, “so what kind of magic does he do? Intimate Illusions is not your typical magic show. Everything from the illusion selection, the set design, the luxury suite, the lighting, the live music, and finally the gorgeous Beverly Wilshire location really creates an exceptional and theatrical experience for each guest.

The illusions that I present in the show are some of the most valued magic I have ever created. Each piece also sends a deeper message through the presentation. Audiences often walk away with more to think about than just, “how’d he do that?” 

You’ll see light-hearted, dangerous, funny and mind-boggling pieces in the 90 minute show, but each one completely unique from the other. Knives, iPads, iPhones, apples, darts, slingshots, boomerangs and live animals are some of the articles you might see on any given performance. 

Here’s a listing and brief description of the illusions that I perform in my show:

Around the World is probably my favorite illusion I perform in the show.

Due to its sheer dangerous and high-risk nature, the intriguing storyline about Houdini’s biggest kept secret keeps you riveted while you watch me defy a trip to the hospital for your entertainment pleasure.

With 196 countries, 50 states and 2,469,501 cities all over the world, which one are you thinking about?



Telepathy is the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Can you transport thoughts invisibly, quietly and clearly through the air to another person?

The entire audience participates in this display and tries their turn at discovering if they have the “gift” of mental telepathy. Are you the one?

Read more about "The Messenger" here.


People often say, “they have to see it to believe it, when they hear an effect described from the show, but with this illusion, I can simply say, “you must first BELIEVE it, in order to see it.”

An elegant glass, a lovely assistant and a illusion over 2000 years in the making, this on the edge-of-your-seat piece builds up to an unbelievable and surprising finale.

Read more about "The Miracle Worker" here.


There are moments in your life that are burned into your consciousness. You remember all the details such as, who you were with, what you ate, what you wore, etc.

This illusion guarantees to add one more unforgettable moment to your database of memories.


All I'm allowed to say about the most talked about illusion in my show is "a picture is worth a thousand words." Let your imagination do the rest.

Read more about "JAWS" here.


One apple and one 9” surgically sharpened throwing knife make for a thrilling presentation for a lucky audience member.

A wrong move, even an unexpected sneeze, could send this demonstration in a deadly direction.

We all know the story of William Tell is a children’s fable, but this attempt at re-creating his famous feat could not be more real, nerve-racking, stressful and funny all at the same time.


Some call it destiny, but most wonder “do we have a say in it,” or is some higher power pulling the strings?

This illusions puts that theory directly to the test. With the millions of combinations and mathematical possibilities, this effect proves that you indeed hold your fate in your own hands.


Another one of my favorites because there is no script and mostly spontaneous interaction between me, a spectator, his wife and the audience. A husband and wife make for some of the funniest moments in my show.

How well do husbands know their wives? What they are thinking about at an exact moment in time?

Not only does the audience witness a miracle, the husband is just as shocked as they are.



In this piece, I demonstrate one of the most unbelievable abilities that a mega-savant did everyday – effortlessly.

Something that doesn't seem realistic, logical or even possible. It was as if he was performing real magic in his everyday life.

Read more about "Rain Man" here.


A very visual routine with a funny storyline about how I visited jail one day. Audiences love it because it has magic literally every moment in the illusion. Of course, with my signature surprise ending that will shock even the most astute observer.


Magicians are known to make ladies float in the air or even float themselves right in front of you. This illusion takes that premise in a completely different direction.

What I can say is something flies around the room which makes an unexpected and surprise appearance to the comfort of one lucky audience member. It's difficult to follow the illusion with anything else.  It's definitely a closing piece.


We all know that money comes and goes and this illusion demonstrates that to a tee. Not only do you see the magic, but this effect also has audible details that enhance the illusion.

A really fun and interactive piece where the audience can see and hear the magic all at the same time.


Learn more about "Easy Come, Easy Go" here.


More to come!