May 03, 2011

Intimate Illusions FAQs

Q: What days are the shows held?

A: Intimate Illusions is held every Friday & Saturday evening.



Q: What times do the shows start?

A: Every Friday evening at 7pm and 9pm and Saturday evening at 7pm and 9pm.



Q: What do I do if a show is SOLD OUT?

A: Please find another scheduled show that is available. We cannot add more seating once the show is completely full.



Q: I see a show is DARK? What does that mean?

A: Simply, there aren’t any shows scheduled this evening, please select another day and time.



Q: What time do I arrive for my show?

A: Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled show time. For example, for the 7:00pm show, please arrive by 6:40pm. Shows start on time.



Q: Do I need to bring my ticket(s)?

A: YES, please bring your ticket voucher(s). The show’s hostess will check you in on arrival.



Q: Can I buy a program for the show?

A: Each guest will receive a beautifully printed complimentary Commemorative Booklet that details show information, Ivan’s biography, hotel history, a listing of illusions you will see and a listing of composers/scores you will hear.



Q: Can I buy Ivan’s book Magic’s Most Amazing Stories at the show?

A: YES. Ivan’s book Magic’s Most Amazing Stories – A Collection of Incredible Stories from Magicians are available for purchase at the show. If you purchase a book online, a autographed copy will be waiting for you upon your arrival.



Q: Is there a stage?

A: NO. The show does not have a stage. This is an intimate performance for 65 guests, therefore, no stage is required.



Q: Where do I sit?

A: For General Admittance tickets, the show’s hostess will guide you to your seats. For Front Row tickets, the show’s hostess will allow you to select your seat from any available in the Front Row on a first come basis. View seating chart here.



Q: Is there a Dress Code?

A: Dress as if you were arriving from a lavish Hollywood party and now attending the elite after-party at this posh and elegant hotel. Cocktail dress for ladies and stylish suit and tie, tux and the like for men.



Q: Is there a Coat Check available?

A: NO. Please keep your belongings and valuables with you. We do not have a lost and found. But if we find items left behind, it will be your responsibility to contact us to claim it. We will happily return your items upon request.



Q: Is there an age minimum?

A: The show has nothing inappropriate for children, but we recommend this be a date night out for guests, parents, family and friends. 12 and older is recommended.



Q: Is there a bar service at the show?

A: In the show room, there is complimentary water service for all guests. There is NO alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage service directly to the show room.

There are two Five Star restaurants located inside the hotel: The Blvd and CUT. You may, of course, purchase your drinks at either of their bars and bring with you to the show room.